Born in the heart of New England, MOTHER FREEDOM is an American menswear brand with a modern approach to heritage style. We are committed to "Made in America" and our mission is to reinvigorate domestic manufacturing and create an offering of distinguished lifestyle pieces for the man who values quality and craftsmanship. Our inspiration is the beautiful and rugged landscapes of New England and the legendary historical figures of New Bedford and Massachusetts. The varied pieces can bring to mind a windy traverse along the sea or a rustic hike in the mountains. We have sewn real American experiences into our product.


Our 12,000 square foot factory, 60 miles south of Boston in New Bedford, Massachusetts, has re-energized domestic manufacturing and allowed us to create a collaborative relationship between customer and designer. We want our customers to be a part of the conversation from the first stitch to the last wear. At MOTHER FREEDOM we believe in brand transparency and we are proud of the factory we have built, the jobs we have created, and the people who make it possible. 


When it came time to pick a home for MOTHER FREEDOM, we knew there was really only one choice. New Bedford is home to generations of skilled textile artisans. Not only do we have great reverence for our craftspeople, but our location in New England – the birthplace of American freedom – gives us extra pride in our effort to support American manufacturing. We want New Bedford to once again be seen as one of the best apparel manufacturing cities in the United States.

MOTHER FREEDOM is about exceptional quality and style and the skilled hands of the people who make it. This is a story of American ingenuity. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.